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How to use Monday – Production’s task manager

How to add a pulse: a task to Monday

Find the board, WORK IN PRODUCTION. This is the shared board for production tasks. Within the board are the groups that hold tasks.

  1. Create a NEW PULSE: a task in Monday
  2. Assign a TAG:  what area of the business i.e. SS is Spotlight Report
  3. Assign your name logging the task as the PERSON: not the person that will do the work
  4. Mark the PRIORITY of the task
  5. List the STATUS of the task. i.e. brief in, when you are uploading your populated brief
    Note, when a task is completed the status is changed to ‘Done ready for review’ and will automatically be moved to the ‘Waiting Approval’ group.
    If changes are to be made, change the status accordingly to ‘Changes required’ and move the task back to the ‘Design & Web jobs in progress’ group
  6. It’s important that you list the DUE DATE (the date you want to publish the content or send the edm)
  7. Move the task to the relevant GROUP (see the groups defined below)
  8. When a task is finished archive the task (see screenshots on how to do that below)

See the listed actions 1 – 7 in the image


How to Archive tasks

  1. Find the task you want to archive
  2. Click to the left of the line where you see an upside down triangle
  3. Click the triangle to reveal a drop-down option
  4. Scroll to the archive option and click
  5. Your task is now archived

How to find Archived tasks

  1. At the top of the browser, find a search tool
  2. Enter the reference you are looking for i.e. Site updates
  3. Click the box ‘ Search archives’

How to Re-activate an archived task (pulse)

  1. Go to the top right corner of the browser to find the hamburger
  2. Click the hamburger and a drop down will appear
  3. Find the words Archived Pulses / Groups and click on it

  1. In the search bar enter the task (pulse name ) you are looking for
  2. When you find the task, click the restore button

  1. The pulse will appear in the board it was created in

The Groups Defined

Groups sit within a board and the groups can be updated to reflect the work within production

  • Design & Web jobs in progress: Tasks that require design and or web work.
    This work area is for design, Nick G and freelance.
  • PR & CF Solus EDMs:  Tasks where content is supplied by the client, no design work required.
    This work area is for production coordinator, Nat.
  • Waiting Approvals: The task has been completed and is waiting for approval by the person that logged the task.
  • Tasks on the Radar: A holding bay for tasks that need to be done but content or brief is not ready yet.


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