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COVID Safe Plan

Global Marketplace COVIDSafe Plan

Tuesday, 12th January 2021

In line with the guidelines and responsibilities outlined by the Department of Health and Human Services, Global Marketplace has developed a COVIDSafe Plan that will assist in the prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 virus and the safety and wellbeing of all Global Marketplace employees.

All staff returning to the office will be required to adhere to the COVIDSafe Plan.

Ensure Physical Distancing

Requirements: We must ensure workers and visitors are 1.5m apart as much as possible.


1.Signage around the office to remind staff to physical distance

2.Capped number of staff allowed in the office in line with one worker per four square metres (roster available for days when staff are in the office)

3.Staff will alternate between working from home and working the office

4.Restricting the number of visitors to the office – meetings with clients are done via Zoom or other electronic meeting apps available

5.All visitors to the office are required to sign in and record arrival and departure times

Meetings will adhere to physical distancing requirements and the number of people attending a meeting will be capped depending on the size of the meeting room

Wear a Face Covering

Requirements:  We must ensure that all workers and visitors entering the worksite wear a face covering as per public health advice.

All staff are required to wear a face covering at all times when working in the office (if mandated by the Victorian Government)
Signage is provided to remind staff to wear a face covering when in the office (if required)
Face coverings will be required to cover a person’s nose and mouth
Cloth masks that are worn need to be washed regularly in accordance with mask wearing guidelines

Practise Good Hygiene

Requirements: We must frequently and regularly clean and disinfect shared spaces, including high-touch communal items such as doorknobs and telephones.

Cleaning products will be provided so that all shared surfaces can be regularly cleaned
Signage will be provided to remind staff to clean shared spaces after use
Hand sanitiser and soap will be accessible to all staff
Regular hand washing is advised
Signage provided to remind staff to regularly wash hands using soap or hand sanitiser
The office will be regularly cleaned throughout the week
Staff are required to keep their personal workspaces clean at all times
Workspaces will not be shared

Keep Records (Act Quickly if Workers Become Ill)
Requirements: We will support workers to get tested and work from home even if they only have mild symptoms.

If a staff member has even the mildest of COVID-19 symptoms they will be instructed to have a test and work from home and not return to the office until they have received their test results
In the event that a staff member tests positive for COVID-19 they will be advised not to attend the office. All close contacts of that person will also be asked to isolate at home and have a test and not return to the office until they receive a negative test result
The office will be closed, and all common and high touch surfaces will be cleaned before any staff member can return to the office
DHHS will be notified of the actions taken in the event that a staff member tests positive for COVID-19
WorkSafe Victoria will be notified (132360) if a staff member tests positive for COVID-19
If required, all staff at Global Marketplace can work from home until the workplace is safe to be reopened
All visitors to the office will be required to sign in and indicate their arrival and departure times

Avoid interactions in Enclosed Spaces

Requirements: We will reduce the amount of time workers are spending in enclosed spaces.

Encourage staff to work in the courtyard (weather permitting)
Opening doors as much as possible to allow air flow through the office
Restricting face to face meetings in smaller breakout rooms and adhering to physical distancing requirements in these spaces

Create Workforce Bubbles
Requirements: We will keep groups of workers rostered on the same days in the office to minimise interaction with too many people.
Working in the office roster developed so that staff are aware of the days they work in the office and the days they work from home
Maintain records of the days that staff are in the office

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