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Dress Code Policy

Global Marketplace’s objective to establish a safe and comfortable environment includes setting some standards for workplace dress code. This is to enable all people to project a professional image that is acceptable to our Company, clients and customers. When meeting with clients, attending conferences or events, all staff should aim to project a professional image and dress appropriately in business attire.

Office Employees

Office employees are expected to dress in smart casual business wear during work hours. Bottoms may include neat jeans, slacks or skirts. Office employees must dress in a neat and well-presented manner at all times. Employees should not wear ripped clothing of any sort, or low cut or revealing clothing. Shoes can be comfortable and appropriate to the workplace and situation. Employees should wear footwear at all times in the office.


Sales/Management or other employees who attend meetings with clients or potential clients (valid only on meeting days or when attending industry events) need to follow the guidelines below:

Clothing should consist of a collared shirt (tie where relevant), slacks or skirt. In some instances, it may be appropriate for more formal business attire to be worn to business meetings or potential client meetings. For males, this would be a suit and tie and for females, professional dress. All clothing worn should be clean and neatly presented at all times, both in the office and when attending meetings/events.

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