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Hybrid Workplace Policy

Hybrid Workplace Policy


Hybrid arrangements provide you with the opportunity to split the location of where you work between home and the Company workplace. Hybrid arrangements can be beneficial as they provide you with the opportunity to better balance personal circumstances and work and so maximise your contribution to the Company, as well as giving you time back to spend doing the things you value most.

The Company currently operates a hybrid working arrangement that allows our team to work from home as required. We place a high value on our Culture and believe that face-to-face interaction is the ideal way to build relationships, hence our hybrid model supports 2 days working at home and 3 days office based.


This Policy applies to all Global Marketplace team members based in Australia and New Zealand.

General principles

It goes without saying but working from home is not a substitute for childcare or other dependent care. So please make appropriate arrangements when working from home for the care of children.

No face-to-face meetings are to be held from home premises and all Occupational Health and Safety policies and procedures apply when working from home. All team members working from home will be covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

While working from home it is still the Company’s responsibility to provide a safe work environment. Your Manager must be satisfied this has been achieved as part of your work-from-home arrangements and that your physical health and safety and mental well-being is not at risk.


The normal Leave Policy applies when working from home.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

When working from home is it important to consider your health and well-being and the benefits of face-to-face interaction on a regular basis, not just for you but for your team.

To protect your health and safety you will need to:


  1. Complete the Working From Home Risk Assessment Form,
  2. Read the Working from home guidelines and
  3. Provide images of your home setup.

To ensure your safety, the Company may require that this information is completed prior to you starting to work from home.

Working from home, particularly over an extended period may lead to anxiety, lack of motivation and loss of involvement in decision-making. Please take steps to ensure your health and well-being, and that you keep connected by:

  • regularly checking in with your Manager and team to make sure you feel supported and are coping with working from home, for example by setting up daily phone or video conference meetings
  • creating opportunities for team communications, for example by using online tools or apps to establish team-wide chat groups.
  • Utilising the practical tools available in the Uprise EAP program.
  • stay physically active, eat well and regularly go outside.
  • disengaging from your work and logging off at the end of the day.


Following completion of the Risk Assessment Form, the Company will support you with up to $200 on getting the right set up at home in priority order of:

  1. Lumbar support chair
  2. External monitor
  3. Desk

Please seek approval from your Manager prior to purchasing any items yourself and then submit an Expense Claim Form for reimbursement.

The Company may supply other minor items e.g., a keyboard, and mouse outside of the $200. Please discuss your requirements with your Manager. Depending on your role, the Company may also provide you with a laptop computer. This will be for business-related use and reasonable incidental personal use and remains the Company’s property. This equipment must be used in accordance with Company policies, as amended from time to time or as directed. Please refer to the IT Policy for more information.

Items that are deemed non-essential or for personal use will not be paid for by the Company, for example, a second monitor, cables for home printers etc.

Items that have been provided by the Company remain the property of the Company and need to be returned once the working-from-home arrangement finishes for whatever reason. 

Home internet usage cannot be claimed from the Company when working from home as you would normally have this service anyway and will not be out of pocket.

Where you work from home, you may be able to claim a tax deduction for expenses you incur that relate to your work. You should seek further advice from an Accountant or the Taxation Office in your Country.


It is important to maintain contact with your Manager and team and vice versa when working from home. Your Manager will ensure clear and regular communication is established, to:

  • set realistic and clear instructions on workload, roles and tasks allocation and timelines.
  • check in with you to ensure you are able to access the systems and technology required to do your job.
  • monitor work levels.
  • check that work can be successfully completed from home and adjust work tasks as necessary.
  • keep you informed of Company and work team activities, updates, training and opportunities.


Please be aware that this Policy can be revised at any time by the Company. Where any changes are made, we will endeavour to provide as much notice as possible.

Should you be undergoing performance management or disciplinary action, the Company may revoke your hybrid work arrangement and require you to work entirely from the office in order to support you to reach the desired levels of performance.


  • WFH Risk Assessment Form
  • WFH Guidelines
  • IT Policy

Version control

Author:People & Culture
Effective date:15 December 2022
Approved by:Grant Arnott
Review period:2 years
Date of last amendment15 December 2022


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