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Induction Policy

Induction and Onboarding

Starting work at a new place can be overwhelming. We aim to make your start with Global Marketplace as seamless as possible, and to create the ‘wow’ factor which includes ensuring that:

  • You are welcomed
  • You have a detailed onboarding and induction plan
  • You are assigned meaningful and relevant work
  • You know what you are meant to be doing and who you can go to for assistance

What is Onboarding? 

Onboarding is more than the induction of a new team member or employee. Onboarding is a process. Induction is an event, and the first step of the onboarding process.

The induction allows us to collect all relevant human resources and payroll information.

The onboarding process helps us to develop a happy contributor!  Onboarding conveys our organisational brand and values, explains our people and professional culture, aligns expectations and performance and provides the tools for a team member to successfully assimilate into their position with a quicker ‘ramp-up’ to productivity.

Onboarding involves: 

  • A structured induction process that covers tactical and administrative information
  • Monitoring and managing the probation period
  • Feedback from the new employee (you)

Structured Induction 

Induction is a standardised process for all new employees. The Business Support Executive will develop an Onboarding Plan that includes;

  • Where to come and what time on your first day
  • Workplace introductions and processes
  • Details of welcome lunch or morning tea
  • Policies and procedures that you need to be aware of and read
  • OH & S and evacuation procedures
  • Business overview
  • Training
  • IT System orientation
  • Collection of personal information


Probation is an important part of onboarding as it is a chance for us to all work out if we fit each other – to make sure there is a good match for the new team member, his or her job and our work environment. Occasionally we get it wrong, so think of probation as a ‘trial period’ to evaluate fit. Please refer to the Probation Policy for more information.


Feedback is important to us because it helps us to improve. Following the confirmation of your probationary period, we will ask that you complete a short survey about the recruitment process,, and your induction.

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