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Intellectual Property & Security

All intellectual property developed by employees during their employment with Global Marketplace, including discoveries or inventions made in the performance of their duties related in any way to the business of Global Marketplace, will remain the property of Global Marketplace.

Employees may be given access to confidential information, client and customer data, keys to premises and other business related property/information whilst performing work related duties. This information must be protected and used only in the interests of Global Marketplace.

Employees must not:

  • disclose or use any part of any confidential information outside of the performance of their duties and in the interests of Global Marketplace
  • authorise or be involved in the improper use of or disclosure of confidential information; during or after their employment without the Employer’s written consent, other than as required by law.

‘Confidential information’ includes any information in any form relating to Global Marketplace and its related bodies (Click Frenzy, GrabOne, Power Retail and any other brands or identities related to Global Marketplace), clients or businesses, that are not in the public domain.

Employees must act in good faith towards Global Marketplace and must prevent (or if impractical, report) the unauthorised disclosure of any confidential information. Failure to comply with this policy may result in performance improvement proceedings including dismissal. Global Marketplace may also pursue monetary damages or other remedies.

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