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Occupational Health & Safety Policy


Global Marketplace will, as far as practicable, provide a safe work environment for the health, safety and welfare of our employees, contractors, visitors and members of the public who may be affected by our work.

To do this, Global Marketplace will:

  • develop and maintain safe systems of work, and a safe working environment
  • consult with employees and health and safety reps on safety
  • provide information and training for employees
  • remove unacceptable risks to safety
  • provide employees and contractors with adequate facilities (such as clean toilets, cool and clean drinking water, and hygienic eating areas)
  • Provide a designated First Aid Officer
  • Provide and alert employees to the location of First Aid Kits

Ultimately, everyone at the workplace is responsible for ensuring health and safety within the workplace.

All persons responsible for the work activities of other employees are accountable for:

  • Identify practices and conditions that could potentially injure employees, clients, members of the public or the environment
  • Control such situations or remove the risk to safety
  • If unable to control such practices and conditions, report these to the Office and Administration Manager

Global Marketplace demands a positive, proactive attitude and performance with respect to protecting health, safety and the environment by all employees, irrespective of their position.

Manual handling policy

It is Global Marketplace’ policy to provide all employees with a safe and healthy workplace by identifying, assessing and controlling manual handling risks.

While management is responsible for the health, safety and welfare of all staff, all employees must report potential and actual manual handling hazards.

Never lift or manually handle items larger or heavier than you can easily support. If you are in any doubt, do not hesitate to ask for help.

Workers’ compensation policy

All employees may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if injured while at work.

Injury procedure

If there is an injury:

  1. The first priority is medical attention. The injured worker or nearest colleague should contact one of the Global Marketplace’ first aiders for a serious injury, an ambulance will also be called.
  2. Any employee who is injured on the job, experiences a safety incident or a near miss, must report the incident to the Business Support Executive (
  3. The Business Support Executive  will write a report in the Register of Injuries, Incidents and Near Misses. This standard report must include:
  • employee’s name and job details
  • time and date of injury
  • exact location the injury/incident occurred
  • how the injury/incident happened
  • details of the injury/illness and the part/s of the body injured
  • names of any witnesses
  • name of the person entering details in the Register
  • date the employer was notified
  1. Global Marketplace will let the injured employee know in writing that we have received notification of any injury or illness reported in the Register.

The Business Support Executive will report serious injuries to WorkSafe immediately.

Smoking policy

Global Marketplace has a non-smoking policy. Smoking is not permitted on Company property or in offices at any time.

Smokers who need to take breaks should do so within their allocated break time.  That is no extra breaks will be provided to smokers.  The employee may use his/her normal lunch, morning and afternoon tea breaks for smoking, but may not take any other separate breaks. Smoking is not allowed at the entrance to Global Marketplace offices, in the vicinity of non-smoking colleagues or neighbouring businessesAll cigarette butts need to be disposed of correctly and not left on the ground or in garden beds.

Excessive smoking breaks will be regarded as absenteeism and performance improvement action may be taken.

Alcohol & drugs policy

Global Marketplace is concerned by factors affecting an employee’s ability to safely and effectively do their work to a satisfactory standard. The business recognises alcohol or other drug abuse can impair short-term or long-term work performance and is an occupational health and safety risk.

Global Marketplace will do its utmost to create and maintain a safe, healthy and productive workplace for all employees. Global Marketplace has a zero-tolerance policy in regard to the use of illicit drugs on their premises or the attending of other business related premises (e.g. clients) or at official workplace events, while under the influence of illicit drugs. Contravening either of these points may lead to instant dismissal.

Global Marketplace does not tolerate attending work under the influence of alcohol. This may result in performance improvement action or dismissal.

Global Marketplace expects that all staff act responsibly when attending any industry event or official workplace event, where alcohol is served and be aware that they are representing the Company. Displays of excessive drinking, or inappropriate behaviour under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances, will not be tolerated and may result in performance improvement action or instant dismissal. Employees are responsible for understanding their own personal limitations with respect to the consumption of alcohol and its effect on you.

Global Marketplace at times, makes alcohol available to staff over the age of 18. Limiting the consumption of any alcohol made available is the responsibility of the employee. Driving over the legal alcohol limit or under the influence of illicit drugs is illegal.

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