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Performance Appraisal Reviews


The purpose of Performance Appraisal Reviews is to improve performance. It is an ongoing process. It should include informal and formal review. We encourage a two-way process, that is, employees can also give management feedback on performance.

All employees will undergo a formal performance review with their immediate managers at least once a year. Annual performance reviews will take place in December/January of each year.


  1. The manager and the employee agree on the date for a performance appraisal meeting
  2. The manager and employee will meet and openly and constructively discuss performance, using the Staff Performance Form and the Appraisal Feedback Form.
  3. The manager and the employee will agree on focus and goals for the next 6 – 12 months and how these will be achieved.
  4. Training and development will be considered as part of the process.
  5. Notes will be taken during the meeting and both the employee and management will receive copies of any actions/outcomes.
  6. Outside of this formal process, employees are encouraged to give feedback to Management if and when required.
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