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Probation Policy

Probation policy


The purpose of this policy is to outline the structure and process of a probation period. Probation is normally a six-month period. The details of your probation period will be outlined in your Employment Agreement (Contract).

The Company will follow a fair and transparent process during probation. We will be clear in letting you know if there are any issues with your performance or behaviour, as and when issues arise. We will also let you know if there is a chance that your employment might not be continued after the probationary period ends.


This Policy applies to all Global Marketplace team members based in Australia and New Zealand.

What is probation?

Probation provides both you and Global Marketplace with the opportunity to determine if we fit one another, and to make sure there is a match between you, your job, and our work environment.

Entitlements during probation

During your probation you will receive all applicable entitlements, for example leave, as appropriate.

Receiving & giving feedback

You will receive ongoing feedback and coaching from your Manager and the wider team while you are learning your job. To ensure that you have a positive start your Manager will meet with you early on to discuss your role and performance expectations.

We rely on your feedback too, so if for any reason you feel you are not receiving the training or support you need, we need to hear from you, so please speak with your Manager or People and Culture. Please also ensure you complete the Culture Amp Onboarding Surveys to provide us with your feedback.

Your Manager will meet with you formally before the six-month mark to discuss and assess your progress by looking at the following:

  • Your skills, competence and knowledge of the role – planning, communication, workload, training, retention, presentation, follow through, attention to detail, and adherence to deadlines.
  • Progress on given assignments or tasks.
  • Reliability, trustworthiness and other relevant personality characteristics.
  • Willingness to respond to changes in the work environment.
  • Capacity to undertake all of the duties and responsibilities of your position.
  • Relationships and teamwork.
  • Understanding and exhibiting the Company Values.

The six-month mark

As you will have received regular feedback since commencing with Global Marketplace, you will know how you are performing so any discussion held with you regarding confirming or ending your employment before your probation period ends, should not be a surprise to you.

If all is going well, at the end of the probation period you will receive a letter to let you know that your ongoing employment with the Company is confirmed.

Sometimes things don’t work out. If that happens and we are not the right fit for each other, it is better if we go our separate ways. If this is the case, you will be paid any applicable notice period. Unused and accumulated annual leave will also be paid to you.

Please know that we will be upfront with you about any issues during your probation period and will provide any necessary support or training.


Probation only applies once throughout your employment with the Company. If you are promoted then a trial period may apply however, probation won’t apply again.

Support and assistance

If there is any extra support that you require and you aren’t receiving it, please let your Manager know.

The Company willingly provides support, resources and guidance to new team members.

If you require assistance to understand any aspect of this policy, please ask your Manager as your first point of contact.

Version Control

Author:People & Culture
Effective date:1 June 2022
Approved by:Nathan Brown
Review date:2 years
Date of last amendment5 May 2022

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