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Recruitment & Selection Policy

Our Hiring Process

We are often looking for new people who can bring new and different perspectives and experiences to our well established team. We look for people who have the necessary skills for a particular position as well as looking for people who fit our culture. Any new hire needs to be as enthusiastic about working here as we are.

Global Marketplace recognises that a robust and professional approach to recruitment and selection helps us to attract and appoint individuals with the necessary skills and attributes to fulfil our aims, adhere to our values and support our business goals.

We make appointments on the Principle of Merit, and in compliance with relevant Federal & State Legislation and adherence to this policy and related processes.

We recruit people through:

  • Internal promotion
  • External attraction
  • External Referrals  

The Process Involves:

Position Description

Before we hire, we think about what is needed and write the details of the position. We create of a position description for the job that outlines; selection criteria; tasks; required skills; required qualifications; company expectations; company values; deliverables; safety considerations; remuneration and other relevant information.


All positions are advertised internally and staff are notified via Slack or email of any new positions. within the organisation.

If necessary, we will advertise positions externally on sources that include SEEK, Linkedin or any other media that is considered to be relevant. Recruitment Agencies will only be used if we have been unsuccessful in finding our own candidates. The use of a Recruitment Agency needs to be pre-approved by the Managing Director.


Candidates are shortlisted against essential and desirable criteria as set out in the position description.


We interview candidates who we believe will fit culturally into our organisation and who demonstrate the relevant qualifications and experience. Interview panels will vary according to the role. In some instances more than one interview may be required and a different panel will be involved in the interview process.

Required Paperwork

The recruitment process will include some or all of the following documentation:

  • Application Form
  • Submission of a CV
  • Phone Interview
  • Face-to-face interview
  • Practical testing
  • Presentation
  • Reference Checks
  • The right to work in Australia check

The successful candidate will be given a contract of employment that sets out clear terms and conditions of employment. This includes the nature of employment e.g. permanent part time, casual and will include a welcome note from Global Marketplace. All applications and interview notes and any other relevant documentation will be kept on an employees file.


When a job offer has been made and the candidate has accepted the position, all unsuccessful candidates will be contacted as a matter of courtesy.

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