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Social Contract


These are our team rules – the boundaries within which we operate, and how we agree to behave and work together.

These can be pointed to and enforced by anyone in the team if deviations are experienced.

Our social contract is:

  • Outside of our agreed policies and procedures, but it does not override them;
  • Exists for the life of our team;
  • Is enforced by mutual agreement from everyone;
  • Will be reviewed when new team members join.


  • Global Marketplace’s success is our ultimate goal;
  • Mutual respect will be the foundation of trust between all parties;
  • Seek to improve processes when there are issues, rather than blaming individuals;
  • Ask or help, help when asked;
  • Solve roadblocks within the team;
  • Strive to look for ways to be more efficient;
  • Raise risks early;
  • Quality is everyone’s responsibility;
  • Encourage positive debate about sensitive issues that are blocking progress;
  • Stick to your agreed working pattern – let the team know when you are late or going early;
  • Hold team member’s accountable for their behaviour and performance – let’s all be respectful to each other, call out behaviour that is deemed as not appropriate or offensive.



  • Stand-ups at 9:00am;
  • Wherever possible, avoid meetings between 12 and 2pm;
  • Be present for a core set of hours: 10am to 4pm;
  • No regular scheduled meeting in the last 2 days leading up to an Event;
  • Be on time for stand-ups and meetings;
  • If you don’t believe you can contribute to a meeting, let the organiser know and don’t attend;
  • If you can’t attend or need to leave early from a meeting notify the team beforehand;
  • Come prepared;
  • Don’t have side conversations;
  • Participate 100% – share ideas, ask questions, contribute to discussions;
  • If you state a problem or disagree with a proposal, try to offer a solution;
  • Everyone has equal voice and valuable contribution – be patient when listening to others and don’t interrupt them;
  • Listen with an open mind – be open, respect other points of view;
  • Stay on-point and on-time;
  • Mobile phones on silent;
  • Ensure all meetings have an agenda and that actions are recorded;



  • Raise a problem as soon as you see it;
  • Face-to-face conversations over email, anytime;
  • Communication in this order: face to face, phone call, Slack, then email;
  • Use Slack as the primary method of team communication;
  • Respect each other and understand differences in knowledge;
  • All team documents are to be shared;
  • There are no silly questions, if you don’t understand, ask;
  • Share success stories;
  • Focus on the positives;
  • Don’t make assumptions;
  • Don’t interrupt and cut another person off while they are talking;
  • Listen when someone is talking, don’t interject;

We have zero tolerance for bullying.

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