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Training & Development Policy


Our Training & Development policy refers to our learning and development programs and activities.

In today’s modern competitive environment, employees need to replenish their knowledge and acquire new skills to continue to evolve. We want you to feel confident about improving efficiency and productivity, as well as finding new ways towards your personal development and success.

Global Marketplace is committed to investing in the learning and development (L&D) of everyone that works here. We recognise how crucial this is to our long-term business success and that developing the knowledge and skills of our key resource – you – is key to achieving our visions.

Your Career

Advancing your career at Global Marketplace doesn’t mean giving up your craft and moving into management. Whether you work in sales, marketing, production, or administration, you can continue to develop your skills .

Employee Training 

Global Marketplace aims to:

  • Develop capabilities internally, linking the identification of personal development needs to your succession plan and career development
  • Provide all staff with annual training (relevant to his or her role)
  • Provide staff with opportunities to develop his or her knowledge or skills to be able to meet the requirements of the current position, and where appropriate, the future needs of the business
  • Encourage employees to take responsibility for the development of skills and professional development
  • Create agreed learning outcomes prior to training and development
  • Review learning outcomes following training and development
  • Develop a culture of constructive feedback so that employees are able to identify areas for performance improvement
  • Ensure that managers understand and comply with legal and other related governance and compliance requirements by having appropriately qualified personnel
  • Provide equal opportunities for all employees to develop and utilise his or her skills and capabilities to contribute to the success of the company
  • Ensure that employees apply what they have learned back into the workplace
  • Adopt a culture of sharing knowledge

Training Activities 

Below are some of the training opportunities provided for employees:

  • Formal Training sessions
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Attendance at industry conferences
  • On the job training

Global Marketplace can also arrange for subscriptions to educational material to have access to news, articles and other material that will support an employee’s development. Subscription material must be industry related and all fees need to be approved by the Financial Controller.

Corporate Training Programs

Global Marketplace from time to time will engage in market experts for training purposes. Some examples are:

  • Equal employment opportunity training
  • Sales Team development and training
  • Leadership training
  • DiSC personality profile training
  • Internal training – training new employees, training teams in company related issues (new systems or policy changes)
  • Training employees in preparation for promotion, transfers or new responsibilities

Training Procedure 

The following procedure should be followed when employees want to attend an external training session or conference:

  • Identify the need for the training (employee and manager)
  • Discuss potential training programs or methods
  • Manager (or employee) contacts the Financial Controller to present the proposal and approval for training spend
  • Organisation and booking of training (manager or employee)
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