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Travel Policy


The aim of this policy is to define the conditions and procedures that apply to staff members who undertake travel on behalf of Global Marketplace and where these entities contribute to the expenses associated with travel. The policy will cover the consistency, purpose and costs of travel, outline the expectations for employees when travelling and consider the safety and comfort of employees.

Representing the company and ‘Company Values’ when travelling

Our ‘Company Values’ represent who we are as a company and must be respected and adhered to at all times. They reflect how we conduct ourselves in business, when dealing with our clients and suppliers, and how our company is represented and viewed within the industry. Our Values are:






The value of the Company’s reputation and good will must be protected and upheld whenever an employee represents the Company. This extends to speaking on business matters in a public setting or posting any information on the internet – including through social media applications, websites and email.

Responsibilities of Employees

Employees are required to read and understand the contents of this policy prior to agreeing to or booking any travel. This will include; providing documentation of travel request, understanding travel inclusions, awareness of OH&S implications and taking into consideration personal commitments and work-life balance.  Approval of any business-related travel will be required from your manager, and also requires approval from Accounts to ensure the estimated travel costs fall within budgeted expenditure limits.

Global Marketplace employs the services of Corporate Traveller to assist with the booking of flights, hotels and cars for all Global Marketplace employees. All Global Marketplace employees will be required to set up his or her profile within the Corporate Traveller dashboard prior to booking any travel. All individual rewards programs (Qantas FF, Velocity, Accor etc.) will be entered (by you) to your profile and points will be accrued to individuals for all company travel. The Corporate Traveller App can be downloaded to your phone and travel itineraries can be viewed via the App. All travel bookings are made by the Business Support Executive (see process below).

Changes to Travel Bookings

  • Changes to flight bookings can be made before departure or on the day of departure. If changes to a flight booking needs to be made on the day of travel, you can contact our Corporate Traveller adviser who can assist you with this change. All other changes to flights bookings need to be processed by the Business Support Executive. Changes to flight bookings that incur a cost greater than $150 need to be approved by Accounts. 
  • Any changes to Hotel bookings need to be approved and made by accounts.
  • Wherever possible changes to flight and hotel bookings need to be avoided so as to not incur further travel costs.

Travel Booking Process

Once Employees are made aware of an upcoming travel commitment, they must complete a Business Travel Booking Form that can be located on the Global Marketplace wiki This will be sent to the  Business Support Executive who will arrange all travel bookings through Corporate Traveller. Confirmation of  all bookings will be sent to the person requesting the travel via email and can also be accessed via the Corporate Traveller App.

It is the duty of the employee to ensure they provide adequate time to make travel bookings so the most appropriate flight and/or accommodation can be booked.  If any of the travel arrangements made need to be changed after bookings have been made this needs to be communicated to the Business Support Executive who will make the necessary changes.

An employee may be responsible for the payment of any additional charges incurred to change bookings, depending on the reason for the change of the travel booking.

Responsibilities of Managers

This includes approving travel proposals, checking validity and time of travel, checking cost of travel and any other associated costs (conference tickets, events), checking travel allowance (Accounts), payment of expenses, comply with policy, encouraging cost containment (if possible combining trips) and considering the OH&S implications of travel.

Preferred Flight Service Providers

Domestic Travel

When travelling within Australia whenever possible, flights will be booked through Qantas or Virgin Airlines. If airline travel costs exceed budget, alternative domestic airlines may be booked . All Domestic flights will be booked internally by the Business Support Executive. Seats for travel will be booked in Economy. Prior to making any changes to bookings,  the reason for  the change and  the additional fare charge need to be approved by management. Flights will not be booked using Flexi fares (unless otherwise arranged).

International Travel

Airlines used for International travel will be determined by price. All International travel needs to be requested and booked at least one month prior to the departure date. All International Flights will be booked internally by the Business Support Executive and Corporate Traveller. Seats for travel will be booked in Economy. Reward points points will be credited to person travelling if a rewards program number is provided. Flexi fares will not be booked. When returning from International travel, returning to work will be determined based on time of arrival, length of flight and in consultation with your manager.

All International Airline bookings require the travellers full name, date of birth as well as a current Passport with at least six months’ availability prior to expiry date.

Preferred Accommodation Service Providers

Accommodation will be booked by the Business Support Executive  in consultation with Corporate Traveller and booking services will be used to access hotel deals and best prices. Accommodation will be booked within a convenient location to meeting,  conference or event venues. Rooms booked will be a standard hotel room with a minimum four star rating where available.

Overnight stays

Overnight stays will be booked only when a meeting is scheduled prior to 9.00am of the following day, or when meetings or conferences run for more than one day. Otherwise travel arranged will be for the same day of business.  Employees must ensure they include the relevant days of travel on the Business Travel Booking Form depending on the time of the meetings planned to adhere to this Policy.

Meals and drink when travelling

Reasonable expenses for meals and beverages while travelling for business will be reimbursed, including expenses for breakfast, lunch and dinner if these are required. The company will not reimburse for expensive restaurants, alcohol consumption or entertainment while travelling.

Client Entertainment

Any other forecasted expenses (client dinners, lunches) need to be approved with management prior to departure and the Employee must ensure that an advised reasonable budget is adhered to for these costs.


Wherever possible, Taxis, Uber and Public Transport are the preferred methods of travel when interstate and OS. Taxis, Uber or Public Transport can be used for travel to and from any work-related matter. Fares will be paid for by person travelling and reimbursed upon return and when expense claim form is submitted to the Business Support Executive with all receipts.Click Frenzy and Power Retail have a business Uber account and all Uber bookings need to be made using this Uber account. If you are not set up on this account, please advise Accounts. If client meetings or work commitments require extensive travel, the use of a rental car will need to be approved by management at the time of booking travel. Airport parking, wherever possible needs to be booked in advance to obtain the best rate for parking. Parking needs to be booked in the long term car park, unless otherwise agreed to by your Manager.

Travel with spouse/partner?

If travelling with your spouse or partner, the company will not cover the cost of flights, food, entertainment or any other personal related travel expenses for your partner.

Travel Insurance

Basic travel insurance will be paid for at time of booking flights. Any special requirements for travel insurance need to be included on travel booking form so that additional travel insurance can be considered.

Taking leave before or after a business trip

Leave before or after a business trip needs to be approved prior to travel with a Leave Form submitted. The company will only cover costs of scheduled business days. Any additional costs, changes to flights will be at the expense of the employee, unless otherwise approved by management.

Travel Booking Forms

Forms can be located on the Global Marketplace wiki and are digital. Forms, once submitted will be sent to the Business Support Executive.

Leave Forms and Expense Claim Forms can also be found on the Global Marketplace wiki. These will be submitted and sent to the Business support Executive for processing.

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