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Using office display screens

Using office display screens



  1. Each meeting area at 445 Auburn Road has a dedicated Apple TV unit for transmitting content from any Apple device to the screen using Airplay. The relevant devices are available on the network and are named to match the respective meeting rooms as follows:Go Wild (Front Meeting Room)
    Go Overboard (Boardroom)
    Go Nuts (meeting room opposite kitchen)
    All Star Zone (screen in workstation area)


  1. Use the TV remote to turn the TV on. Click on the Apple remote (thumbpad at top of remote) to activate the Apple TV channel.


  1. Click on the Airplay icon on your laptop or iOS device – on the laptop it is located near the top right corner of the screen. The icon looks like a TV.

  1. Choose the relevant meeting room. A pin number will appear on the TV screen, and you’ll be prompted to input this on your device.


  1. What you see on your laptop should now match the screen. When finished with the meeting, click the Airplay icon to log off that screen, and please turn the TV off before leaving the room.
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