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Your employment

Your Employment


This policy provides general information regarding your pay and conditions as well as the Company expectations of you.


This Policy applies to all Global Marketplace team members based in Australia and New Zealand.

Employment conditions

Your employment with Global Marketplace is governed by your Contract of employment (also called an Employment Agreement), our Company policies and relevant legislation, which will be set out in your Contract.

Breach of policies and procedures

Please be aware, that if you are found to be in breach of any requirement of Company policies or procedures, you may be subject to performance management, which may result in disciplinary action, including warnings or termination of employment. Please refer to the Performance Improvement policy.

Getting started

Getting started at a new Company can be overwhelming. There are a lot of little details, a number of big tasks, you’re learning a new job and meeting new colleagues. Everyone is here to help. If you don’t know how to set up your computer or make a coffee please ask.

Please refer to the Hiring & onboarding policy for any information related to induction.

Hours of work

Your ordinary hours of work are set out in your Employment Agreement.

Our normal office hours are as follows:

  • Australia – between 9:00am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.
  • New Zealand – between 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

We currently operate a Hybrid work model, which requires everyone to be in the office 3 days out of 2 each week.  Your hours and days of work may also depend on our business needs and the requirements of your position. Your Manager will work with you to establish your hours of work and break times.

It is essential that you are ready to commence work at the agreed start time as other team members and the business depend upon you and your contribution. Any changes to your working hours need to be arranged with your Manager.


Your pay cycle will be either fortnightly or monthly. Please refer to your Employment Agreement.

Pays are automatically deposited into your bank account using the details that you provide. Taxation payments are automatically deducted from your salary. Superannuation / KiwiSaver payments are paid into your nominated fund, on a fortnightly/monthly basis, in accordance with legislation.

Changes to personal details

It is vital that your personal details are kept up to date. If your details, such as bank account, address, contact number, etc change, please complete a Personal Details Form.

Lateness for work

The Company adopts a fair and reasonable approach to managing work hours and ask you to give due notice if you will be arriving late to work or are unable to work due to illness or other personal reasons.

Please contact your Manager via phone, if and when arriving late to work, or when unable to work. Please make contact as soon as possible and ideally prior to your normal start time. If you are unable to do this personally, please ask someone to make contact on your behalf.

Continued lateness without prior approval and without sufficient grounds is not acceptable and may result in performance management, including disciplinary action being taken. Please note that traffic or personal circumstances outside of personal/family emergencies or illness are not considered sufficient grounds for repeated instances of lateness. It is your responsibility to arrive at work on time.

A Leave Form must be completed after any sick leave or personal leave has been taken. All Annual Leave needs to be approved by your direct Manager and Leave Forms submitted prior to any Annual Leave being taken. Please refer to the Leave policy for more information.

Health and safety

Global Marketplace will, as far as practicable, provide a safe work environment for the health, safety and welfare of our team members, contractors, visitors and members of the public who may be affected by our work.

Ultimately, everyone is responsible for ensuring health and safety within the workplace.

All persons responsible for the work activities of other team members are accountable for:

  • identifying practices and conditions that could potentially injure team members, clients, members of the public or the environment,
  • controlling such situations or removing the risk to safety,
  • reporting these to the relevant person, if they are unable to control such practices and conditions.

The Company demands a positive, proactive attitude and performance with respect to protecting health, safety and the environment by all team members, irrespective of their position.

For detailed information please refer to the Safety at Work / Occupational Health and Safety policy.

Dress code

To ensure we all project a professional image to our colleagues, our clients and customers, it is important we all follow some standards with regards to workplace dress code.

All team members should dress in a neat and well-presented manner at all times and are expected to wear smart casual clothing during work hours. Bottoms may include neat jeans, slacks or skirts. Ripped clothing of any sort, or low cut or revealing clothing is not appropriate. Footwear needs to be worn at all times and shoes should be comfortable and appropriate to the workplace and situation.

When meeting with clients, attending conferences or events, all team members should aim to project a professional image and dress appropriately in business attire. Sales/Management or other team members who attend meetings with clients or potential clients (valid only on meeting days or when attending industry events) need to follow the guidelines below:

  • Clothing should consist of a collared shirt (tie where relevant), slacks or skirt.
  • In some instances, it may be appropriate for more formal business attire to be worn to business meetings or potential client meetings. For males, this would be a suit and tie and for females, professional dress.
  • All clothing worn should be clean and neatly presented at all times, both in the office and when attending meetings/events.

Reimbursement of expenses

The Company will reimburse you for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred during approved work-related travel.

You will need to provide a tax invoice, or other evidence, to substantiate any expense claim in order to be reimbursed. The type of expenses that would generally be approved include:

  • airport parking (long term car park, or a cheaper parking option should be booked at all times),
  • tolls expenses (a statement is required to substantiate your claim),
  • car parking,
  • taxis/Uber, and
  • reasonable meal costs incurred while travelling.

Expenses that generally would not be approved include parking fines, speeding fines, home internet costs and any unreasonable meal or entertainment costs, that were not pre-approved. For detailed information please refer to the Travel policy.


Version control

Author:People & Culture
Effective date:1 June 2022
Approved by:Nathan Brown
Review period:2 years
Date of last amendment1 June 2022

This Policy is uncontrolled when printed.

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